Tara Harper Aids Edit

Tara Harper Aids is a main character in Clay x Rachel: Love Forbidden by Friendship.


- Tara in Chapter 4 after telling everyone she was raped by Clay.

Tara is a main character of Clay X Rachel: Love Forbidden by Friendship. Tara is first seen at the airport when Clay and Blake first arrive, where she takes a liking to Clay. She develops a romantic interest in Clay although he is clearly uninterested, and almost scared of her. She is seen in Chapter 3 after Gavin Rumgay had been defeated, trying multiple times to kiss Clay before accusing him of raping her. In Chapter 4, she transforms into a spider and saves Blake from the war taking place in the BumFuck NoWhere Forest.

Personality Edit

Tara is very noticeably mentally unstable, which is displayed many times throughout Volume One. She seems to have some sort of an obsession with Clay and some issues with anger management. She also transforms into a half spider - half human creature every blood moon which causes her to have personality issues beforehand.

Appearance / Weapons Edit

Tara's apparel is a shirt that says 'If you love me let me nap." and pyjamas. She has black hair and a brown complexion.