Rachel Isagay

Rachel is a main character and main love intrest in Clay X Rachel: Love Forbidden by Friendship.

"fuck u want" - Rachel after she sees Clay for the first time at the airport.

Rachel is first seen at the airport, as soon as Blake and Clay get off the plane. She seems confused as of what Clay wants and just kind of looks at him. She's later seen in Chapter Two of Volume One where shes going to the club salty dog with Clay. This is where she develops more of a relationship with Clay and starts to find out a bit more about him. She's briefly seen in Chapter Three where she watches Clay fight Gavin and kill him. She's then seen again at the end of Chapter Four and Clay confesses his attraction to her in the park.


Rachel comes off as a somewhat emo/goth type. She doesn't really seem to care that much about others and she's kind of rude sometimes as seen in Chapter One where she tells Clay "fuck u want".

Appearance / Weapon

Rachel's apparel is pretty casual, a tank top and jeans. Nothing bad, nothing fancy.

Rachel does not wield a weapon.