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Volume Two Releasing TBA.

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About Clay x Rachel: Love Forbidden by Friendship

Clay x Rachel is a fanfiction about a young boy named Clay Haddox who journeys to Scotland with his best friend Blake, and falls in love with a girl named Rachel. This wiki holds information about their CRAZY Adventures!


  1. Clay Haddox
  2. Blake Banks
  3. Rachel Isagay
  4. Tara Harper Aids
  5. Max "CJ" Kiliminjaro
  6. Jemimah Eskimo Girl
  7. Tara's Dad
  8. Dhruv Harperaids A.K.A "DeeP"
  9. David
  10. Anna
  11. K-Dogg
  12. Chloe


  • Airport
  • Tara's House
  • Club Salty Dog
  • Motel
  • BumFuck Nowhere Forest

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