Jemimah Eskimo Girl

Jemimah Eskimo Girl is a character inClay x Rachel: Love Forbidden by Friendship.

“Uh..Who are you? And why is there like brown smudges on your face..?” - Jemimah to Blake after finding him in a random room in Club Salty Dog.

Jemimah Eskimo Girl is a character first seen in Chapter Two of Volume One. In Chapter Two she's found after Blake runs away from the bathroom and into a random room in the Club Salty Dog. She has a short and quick conversation with Blake, but is seen shortly after comforting Blake after his traumatic encounter with Max and K-Dogg. She is not seen in Chapter Three, but makes yet another small appearance in Chapter Four where she helps Blake escape the Bumfuck Nowhere Forest, and tries to help him escape. She is not seen after that and her status is unknown.


Jemimah's personality is pretty unknown as we haven't seen much of the character.

Appearance / Weapons

Jemimah's apparel is a large fur eskimo coat, with a skort, but underneath it is her battling clothes which are, a golden croptop, fishnets, and high heals.