Dhruv Harper Aids (DeeP) Edit

“So, Clay what do you think about Scotland?” CJ Asked. “Uh...It--” Dhruvie, Tara’s stoner brother, fell out his window onto the car hood.

- Dhruv's appearance in Chapter 1 as everyone arrives at Tara's house for the first time.

Dhruv is a side character, and only has one appearance in Volume One, where he falls onto the hood of CJ's van and smiles at everyone in the vehicle. He then proceeds to roll off of the van, lay on his back and take a hit of his blunt. He is Tara's brother and Tara's Dad's Son, and he is known for his music and being a heavy weed smoker. His songs are usually played in CJ's van and were being played at Club Salty Dog at the time of the shooting, by his father.

Personality Edit

Dhruv is not seen enough in Volume one to identify a personality.

Appearance / Weapons Edit

Dhruv's apparel is a green "Legalise Weed" shirt and Supreme sweatpants with sandals.