CJ "Max" Kiliminjaro

CJ "Max" Kiliminjaro is a main character in Clay x Rachel: Love Forbidden by Friendship.

"Let's find some bitches." - CJ in Chapter Two at the Club Salty Dog

CJ "Max" Kiliminjaro is a main character and is first seen at the airport greeting Blake and Clay. He's usually in the moments where the crew is in the car. His second appearance is in Club Salty Dog where he tries to get Clay laid, but ultimately fails. He's later found in Chapter Three at the motel and tries to help Blake and Clay escape Gavin Rumgay's sex room, and aids Clay in killing Gavin. He also briefly appears in Chapter Four.


CJ is the only somewhat sane person in the series, and is also a very serious person.

Appearance / Weapons

CJ's apparel is a dark navy robe and underneath it a grey t-shirt. He wears sweatpants along with the robe and undershirt. He has Ginger hair, and very pale skin.


  • CJ is in an on/off relationship with Chloe.
  • CJ is the only sane character in the series.